Broccoli City Festival Recap

Broccoli City Festival 2015  Click for More Photos

Broccoli City Festival 2015
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Given there wasn’t any sunshine outside, I wasn’t sure how the BCFest would hold up this year. After being there for hours I realized the sunshine was radiating right from the space I was standing in. As far as critiques of course there were things the organization could have done better, but they did an incredible job to make this year truly count and I salute them for their hard work in making something like this possible in DC.

As I entered (late as usual) I heard DC’s new mayor Muriel Bowser give an incredible speech to the crowd on the main stage. As I greeted her she was very supportive of the music scene that had been ignored for too long which was a great way to begin my experience with Broccoli City Festival 2015. The DJ was spinning, the crowd was still building up and I was really excited to see Born Infinite perform at the One Love Massive stage so I quickly headed to find the second stage.

On my way, I saw a lot of cool vendors, an organic juice bar, and a lot of up and coming organizations like Will Rap 4 Food inc. set up to show support and to help make this event as big as it was. I got to Born Infinite who was playing with a band and tore the stage down per usual. I even had the pleasure of hearing Edy Blu with the Champion Sound band, Juda & Navid, and Hippie Life Krew’s Pinky Killa Korn. They had a cypher in the end that was like the cherry on top of a sundae. It was like the crowd and the artists understood each other. On the main stage Kalis Uchis gave a great performance but Jaden and Willow Smith took the show. The Smith family had an incredible performance that was truly captivating and made us want more. Jada Pinket-Smith, such a proud mother, was also at the festival and even came out and joined her kids for a dance on stage. Joeybada$$ had a great set and the crowd was completely hyped up to see him here.

The rain had been pouring for hours at this point and it seemed like security and event organizers were tired because they decided to stop letting press into the photo pit and kept going back and forth with who could interview. As we left out I couldn’t help but notice how many local artists were in the house as support or volunteering or working the event. It is nice to see the DMV area come together more and more in support of each other. It seems like some “DMV” artists are having bigger buzz’s then some of the main acts on the main stage. I put “DMV” in quotes because I don’t think there is such a thing as a local artist. If you are an artist, your art belongs to the world. There was a lot of love and good energy in the crowd and I look forward to attending next year. A huge thanks to all of the Broccoli City Festival folks for putting this amazing event together.

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