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Do you like music? Have you ever heard a Female Iranian American Rapper? Brace yourself for that new flavor in your ear, Mana.

13th Aug 2013

Video Teaser for “Here to Stay”

Official Video releasing September 2nd

04th Aug 2013

Sneak Peak of Here to Stay

29th Jul 2013

New Single “Here to Stay” now on Soundcloud!

Mana’s first single off of “The Secret of Mana” is released today! The song is called “Here to Stay” which shows her lyrical skills, and her multilingual tongue. Order a...

15th Jul 2013
The Secret of Mana album listening party at LIV Nightclub (July 28th, 2013)

“The Secret of Mana” Official Album Listening Party

19th Jun 2013
The Secret of Mana

“The Secret of Mana” Pre-Sale

“The Secret of Mana” Debut Album from Iranian American rapper Mana. This is a pre-sale for her album releasing August 6th. Realse Date: August 6th, 2013 “The Secret of Mana”...

05th Jun 2013
Music| Soul| Passion

Music| Soul| Passion

Welcome to The Secret of Mana On here you can find Mana’s events, bio, and most importantly music.

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